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Installing a cat or dog flap

Installing a cat or dog flap can be difficult, especially when it clashes with your glazing. Here at Swift Glass, we offer installation of these flaps, so they can be installed professionally and cost-effectively.

Swift Glass uses experienced glaziers for fitments into a double or single glazed glass, timber, and uPVC, meaning any window or door can have a cat or dog flap installed all under the services we provide.

For one-person that is inexperienced, you may not know that installing a cat or dog flap into a double-glazed door can be challenging, as you simply can not cut into the glass without it breaking. Although if you do find you have attempted this, we offer an alternative service, being double glazing repairs (feel free to look around and find out more). Besides, fitting a cat or dog flap onto any base can face challenges, whether it is single glazing which requires strengthening, double glazing which shatters when cutting into it, timber which uses heavy machinery or a uPVC base that can be brittle and powdery- all these issues, are problems we are sure you do not want to deal with, let Swift Glass Essex handle the hassle.

Swift Glass provides expertise in helping you decide which dog/cat flap is best for your property, Swift Glass offers a wide range of cat and dog flaps, so we can guarantee you will find a flap suitable for you, alternatively, you can provide your flap, and we will happily install it for you!

During the installation process, our team of experts will ensure that all issues that may arise are dealt with swiftly and concerns our customers may have will be sorted in no time at all.

Swift tip; never leave keys or valuable belongings in reach of the dog or cat flap, be burglar aware.

so why choose Swift Glass?

Many businesses provide cat and dog flap installation services, so why choose Swift Glass? Well, our team has 20-years experience in the glass and glazing industry, we also withhold certificates establishing our reputation, for example; Guild of Master Craftsmen. If you are still unsure, read through our testimonials from people just like you. Swift Glass provides the first-class service, you and your pets deserve, through our swift service, friendly attitude and top industry-standard solutions. We have the confidence within ourselves and our services, to ensure satisfied customers- call us now and find out for yourself where we have gained this reputable name.

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