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Emergency call out

This is a service Swift Glass provides, over our 20-year development, we understand customers are hesitant to contact glazier firms due to incurring costs.

Why should customers be charged for having an emergency? They shouldn’t, that is why Swift Glass offers a non-chargeable call out service. We do this so our customers can trust us and see why we are a UK leading firm in the glazing industry.

So, what is an emergency call-out service? Here at Swift Glass believe it is a solution to your glazing emergency. We are local to you, giving us the ability to offer a swift response time, usually 30-90 minutes. The timing is achievable under regular circumstances, regardless of the size or distance of the job, we aim to arrive on-site in the fastest possible time. When faced with a glass or glazing emergency that affects the safety and security of your property, you need on-hand a team of professionals to help overcome this issue and restore the welfare back into your property, no-body should lose sleep or time over a worry of security, so utilise our free emergency call-out service, so you can be okay again. At Swift Glass, our goal is your safety and security.

As a business built on family foundations, we are proud that we can accept, register, and deal with your inquiry in competitive timing. Swift Glass will also have an expert sent out to you before the emergency becomes any worse. We call it our emergency call-out service because we understand that your emergency is our emergency. Swift Glass will take control of your emergency, starting with the phone call to our small team of glass and glazing experts, these specialists will advise you the best solution and service for your dilemma, you will notice this friendly-demeanour and positive attitude which will continue throughout your Swift Glass experience until the completion of your emergency, furthermore, we will not leave you behind and will help you through with our aftercare service.

We understand that timing is not a choice when you have a glazing or glass emergency, your issue may arise at 1 am or 4 pm, either way, you have a team of experts just a short time away and an even quicker phone call. That is why we offer an emergency call-out service that runs every day and night, 24-hours a day and 7 days a week, to ensure that you are taken care of. No matter the time of day, we stick to the quick service and never slack because your emergency needs to be solved.

Our emergency call-out service is non-chargeable

Our emergency call-out service is non-chargeable, this free phone call could be the difference between worrying about the safety and security of your property or a brand new cutting edge glass fitment that helps you not lose sleep at night. It does not matter if you do not necessarily have an emergency, you can still contact us and have a no-obligation chat about any glass, glazing or boarding up query you may have, the query or emergency can range from large to small, this may be a windowpane, a damaged glass table, fitments of cat/dog flaps, storefronts or even skylights. Whether it is an emergency or not, do not be hesitant to get in touch as we will help you through every step.

So please contact us on 0333 344 4576 and allow Swift Glass to help you through your emergency, hassle-free.