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uPVC is also known as, Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride

It is a low-maintenance building material used which substitutes painted wood, it is traditionally used on window frames and window sills when installing double glazing or single glazed windows. You may also know it as ‘Roofline’. uPVC is an advantageous material through its durability, flexibility, low-maintenance, and strength.

Damage to your uPVC locks, glass, handles, and hinges can result in it looking untidy and uncared for, that is why Swift Glass provides a solution to your uPVC glass and other emergencies. You can take advantage of our swift replace and repair services, our team of experts and have your property looking polished in no time. Our team understands that uPVC becomes old and brittle, resulting in naturally worn locks, hinges, handles, and damaged glass, but the team of specialists here reprofile the affected area before colour matching the overall finish to blend with the rest of the property because any job worth doing should be done right.

uPVC Services can benefit you in a multitude of ways, the most beneficial for our customers is the cost-effective aspect, why throw away money by replacing a whole door or a whole set of windows when they can be repaired at a fraction of the price and fraction of the time. If you are looking for a hassle-free solution then look no more as that is what Swift Glass provides, repairs to your locks or glass are a lot less disruptive in comparison to replacements, replacing entire products can result in an outbreak of mess, besides, it may result in brickwork touch ups which is an additional cost. With uPVC replacement and repair services, Swift Glass ensures a hassle-free solution. Swift Glass repair and replace your uPVC handles, locks, hinges, and glazing.

Swift Glass understands that you can undertake this service yourself by picking up a DIY kit, this allows you to have a go yourself, but here at Swift Glass, we have the experience and expertise required to get that desired finish. Our experts do this for a job and understand every step needed to achieve the perfect finish that a DIY kit simply will not. So, when experiencing a uPVC repairing emergency, contact Swift Glass today, as we guarantee that we will make it worth it.

We understand that customers can be hesitant about repair services, many businesses do not achieve the standard that customers desire, but at Swift Glass, we will not leave until our customer is happy, and we are also satisfied with the completed product. Swift Glass ensures that we only use professionals in our industry, these people are highly skilled and leave the repair undetectable. Our experts are highly-qualified in fixing uPVC windows and locks. Whether your uPVC glass is fractured, scratched, dented, stained or even cut, Swift Glass provides a reputable repair service that will leave you more than satisfied.

Swift Glass has been awarded membership of ‘The Guild of Master Craftsman’

For peace of mind, Swift Glass has been awarded membership of ‘The Guild of Master Craftsman’ which guarantees our customers only get the highly qualified and experienced staff that are also trustworthy and professional. If you still feel hesitant feel free to call us on our non-chargeable call out service, or review our testimonials and see where we have gained our reputation from, through people like you.

Swift Glass understands that it is not a ‘one size fits all’ service, each customer has individual requirements, so contact us and get a quote which will always remain cost-effective, high-quality and lasting.

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